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IBU craft beer was created in 2018 with the intent of bridging the gap between the very best and unique craft beers in the world and beer lovers. IBU aims to overcome cultural and language barriers to make possible for beer drinkers to enjoy the most unique craft beers from all over the globe, creating business opportunities and diversification.


IBU Craft Beer Importer and Distributor is supplying its clients with the best quality beers from breweries all over the world.  Our services include product sourcing, import clearance, distribution and door-to-door delivery. Our clients are our top priority and as such, we go out of our way to make sure that they are always satisfied. We work with  individuals as well as big companies to guarantee that they have access to the newest and most exciting products in the market.




Barbarian is a Peruvian craft beer with attitude. The brewery worship malt and are addicted to hops and they brew with passion. Join the revolution and be a Barbarian.

Casa Bruja

Founded in 2013, Casa Bruja Brewing Co is the first commercial craft brewery in Panama. It all started out of a garage, and today Casa Bruja produces 20.000 liters a month. The brewery has more than 30 recipes and won 25 medals in 5 years.

The Uncharted

The Uncharted Brewing Company is a new craft brewery in the south of Sweden. Founded by Irishman Diarmuid Reidy in 2016, The brewery makes easy drinking beers in a range of classic styles. As they believe in sustainability in brewing, the brewery is using recyclable aluminum cans and cardboard trays which are light weight which also lowers the transport footprint. The Uncharted aims to produce an excellent easy drinking beer that the customer is able to enjoy on its own or with food. 


Treintaycinco Fabrica de Cervezas S.A is an award-winning Costa Rican brewery known for its ethics in production and use of key local ingredients. The brewery was launched in 2011 as a nano brewery producing 50,000 litres, its popularity has allowed the company to expand threefold since its inception. Treintaycinco has been a key component in the creation of the craft beer movement in Costa Rica.


“Anyone can drink a beer,

but it takes intelligence to enjoy beer.”

- Stephen Beaumont



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